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Catalyst - Best Wood Burning Stove

Best Wood Burning Stove

The MF Fire Catalyst is the best wood stove available. Our energy efficient wood stoves have won the MIT Clean Energy Prize, 2013 Wood Stove Decathlon for Low Emissions, and 2014 Wood Stove Decathlon for Grand Prize and Low Emissions, which makes the Catalyst the best wood burning stove on the market.

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The MF Fire Catalyst is the most energy efficient wood burning stove on the market, with a measured smart efficiency of 90%. This ensures you get the most usable heat from your wood.

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Form and function, seamlessly blended together, create a beautiful source of heat. From the large wrap around glass that lets you enjoy the fire view to a sleek design that compliments your home, this is the best wood stove available.

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Wood heat is the best, except for the smoke, soot and cough that comes with a typical wood stove. No more smoke, soot, or bad air with our energy efficient wood burning stove.

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Having a live fire in your house comes with risks. The Catalyst energy efficient stove has unique and patent pending proactive fire controls that eliminate over-firing and possibly igniting a chimney fire.

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