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Customize Stove Model: Catalyst

Select Stove Body Color
+$759 for custom stove body color
Select Door Color and Finish
+$459 for custom door color or finish

Select Soapstone Top

With Soapstone (+$1,029) - recommended
Without Soapstone

Select Blower

With a Blower (+$400) - recommended

Circulates hot air for faster heating, more even room heat
Best for heating larger areas or entire homes more quickly

No Blower

Heat naturally radiates from the stove
Best for heating single room


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A fire in the palm of your hand

Meet the Catalyst app

A Thermostat in Your Pocket

Wood burning stoves should be easy to use. Meet the Catalyst app. It allows you to set your desired room temperature with the touch of a button, and your Catalyst stove does the rest. Using our temperature control app, you can stoke the fire to quickly break the chill, or slow it down for a long relaxing night. With the Catalyst App, you have complete control of our wood stoves.

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